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How can I internationalize my application? {#i18n}

We will rely on the i18n gem to handle internationalisation of strings and objects, and to manage fallbacks on available locales

require 'i18n'
require 'i18n/backend/fallbacks'

The following configuration is necessary on I18n so that:

  • it can fallback on other locales if the requested one is not available (ie: translation does not exist).

  • all the translations are read from YAML files located in the locales directory

configure do
  I18n::Backend::Simple.send(:include, I18n::Backend::Fallbacks)
  I18n.load_path = Dir[File.join(settings.root, 'locales', '*.yml')]

Note: You may not wan't to override the I18n load path in case other gems have set it, (e.g. mongoid). If you don't wan't to override it, make sure you set it before you require your gems, or simply add your load path to the current one:

I18n.load_path += Dir[File.join(settings.root, 'locales', '*.yml')]

Now we need to choose the locale that the user wants. There are several solutions (and some can even be mixed together): browser preference, specific URL, dedicated subdomain, cookies/session management. Only the first three will be shown below:

Browser preference (requires rack-contrib)

use Rack::Locale

Specific URL

before '/:locale/*' do
  I18n.locale       =       params[:locale]
  request.path_info = '/' + params[:splat ][0]

Dedicated subdomain

before do
  if (locale ='.')[0]) != 'www'
    I18n.locale = locale

We have all the necessary information to deliver to the user texts/pages in their native language. And for that we will need to select strings and templates according to the desired locale.

Selection of localized strings/objects is easy as it only requires use of standard methods from I18n


For rendering the templates matching the desired locale, we need to extend the find_template method. It needs to select the first template matching the user locale (or at least one acceptable fallback). To help in the selection process templates stored in the views directory are suffixed by the name of the locale.

helpers do
  def find_template(views, name, engine, &block)
    I18n.fallbacks[I18n.locale].each { |locale|
      super(views, "#{name}.#{locale}", engine, &block) }
    super(views, name, engine, &block)